James 1:3

James 1:3-knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

Faith for the Long Haul

There are certain things in life that we need to know. There are things that we like to know, and there are certain things in life that we just know. James continues with the sentence in chapter 1, verse 3. In James 1:2, he tells us to consider it joy when we face various life trials. In verse three he continues the thought by using the word “knowing” We need to know about our faith. We need to know that when we face the “various trials” mentioned in verse 2, that our faith (our beliefs) will be enough to carry us through.

James writes that these trials test our faith. The word test here is more literally translated to the word proves. And the next word that we see is “produces,” an easier word for us to plug in here would be achieved. So let us break this verse down. “…knowing that life trials, will prove our beliefs and we will achieve steadfast consistency.”

Are you in the know? Do you KNOW that your beliefs will get you through the life challenges? Are you in your relationship with Jesus for the long haul? I hope and pray that you are!

To eternity and beyond