James 1:4

James 1:4-And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

I like to think about perfect things. Things like a sunrise over the Atlantic ocean on a crisp January morning. Or maybe a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico in late August. These events are perfect to me. God’s artwork is like no other; it is fresh, new and unique each day. I feel privileged to be able to enjoy such perfection.

Speaking of perfect, As a kid, I loved the Miami Dolphins. In 1972 they accomplished something that no other NFL team has ever been able to do. They completed the season perfectly. They won every game, including the Superbowl. That one season is still known as the only perfect season.

We discussed in an earlier verse (James 1:2) that we should be joyous when we face the life challenges. We are to be in this walk for the long haul (James 1:3). For the person walking with Christ, our goal is heaven. We have to know that the result of endurance is perfect because it is heaven and Christ will be there.

James is reminding us this fact here in verse 4. Let us break the verse down a little bit, “And let endurance” James is helping us to understand what endurance means. He is talking about a patient and steadfast waiting. In verse three we talked about how the challenges that life brings helps to prove our faith. James is keeping this thought going in verse 4. Endurance for the believer will bring perfection in Heaven.

The next word we see in the verse is “have.” This word means to possess. James’ thought is that the believer will hold the endurance required to reach the goal.

Then we come to some interesting and exciting words, James writes “it’s perfect.” This phrase means that we will want for nothing. It means complete or finished. Our endurance brings us to this place. Endurances result is standing before God, and our endurance is complete at the point when we have finished our earthly journey.

Complete in this verse means free from sin. When we are brought to our full end (after our life of endurance), we will want for nothing because we will be complete. We will be standing the presence of God worshiping forever. Our earthly journey will have finished, and our heavenly journey will be starting! This fact my friend, truly excites me.

I love you all!