James 1:7

James 1:7-For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord,

We pick up our verse by verse study of James up discussing the doubting man from verse 1:6. It seems that he has lost his way and was being tossed about by the wind and waves! So many people find themselves in this predicament. I frequently talk with people who claim to have a relationship with Christ, but when the going gets tough, they throw up their hands in surrender. These overwhelmed individuals somehow seem to lack the trust the genuine faith we’ve been discussing in (1:2)(1:3)(1:4)(1:5) and (1:6) requires.

We live in uncertain times; the struggle is real. Satan is lurking behind every turn always ready to pounce on the person of doubt. Faith demands action, this faith helps us to get our head and eyes up and our hearts into the game.

 it takes us through the valley and the challenging times. Faith knows that God can do precisely what His word teaches us. God has to be Lord of everything in our lives. True faith is complete trust; it knows that when you ask for something that God’s perfect provision for your life, this faith will envelop and overwhelm you. This inner peace is the amazing grace that the person of faith cannot ever get over.

The man that James is talking about in verse 7 is the doubting man. This man does not have real faith. He might have beliefs and expectations in certain things, but he is unwilling to give God total control. The doubter is the guy that calls on God as a last resort. The scripture teaches that he should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. A better question would be “How can anyone who doubts God expect anything from Him?” We always have to trust God to be God!

Faith walking is putting one foot in front of the other knowing that Mighty God is directing your steps. Faith walkers know that God is sending them down specific paths and in faith they just walk trusting that God is guiding.

So today, I want to leave you with this thought and an action step. Today is a day to evaluate your life. Take some time to think about your walk. Do you completely trust in HIM? Do you have the faith to overcome the obstacles that the world can throw at you? Faith demands action; Do you honestly believe?

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I love you all!