James 1:8

James 1:8-“…being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways”.

Yesterday we talked about how faith demands action. A person’s belief in God will motivate and move them. Faith drives people out of their comfort zones and closer to a Holy God. So we pick up today still talking about the doubting man. In verse 8 we have a better understanding of why this man should not expect anything from God. His unwillingness to allow God to have total control perpetuates his doubt. This short verse of Scripture helps us understand a little more about our doubter’s character.

James describes him as “a double minded man.” What he is saying is that our doubter hesitates. His fails to act because of his lack of faith. He wavers because of uncertainty. His life interest is divided. He wants what he wants, but is unwilling to surrender control because he realizes the actual cost of following Jesus. Taking a leap of faith and following Jesus will cost you everything.

The doubting man is a personification of many who are in the modern church. Doubters have infiltrated the body of Christ. Some of these unsteady folks get involved in the ministries of the church. When this infiltration takes place, it can present a huge problem because often their interest and beliefs are divided. They want to serve but their loyalties are divided, and ministry fails to happen. This many times prevents the gospel going out from the gathering and into the dark world!

Doubt keeps life-changing truths from getting out to those who desperately need to hear. These double minded people in many ways have rendered the modern church cold and ineffective because of their lack of true faith. It takes REAL FAITH to bring the life-transforming Gospel out and into the world.

My prayer today is that a powerful and fresh wind to blow on the modern church. I am praying for revival! Let us collectively ask that God moves in the lives of the doubters and that a radical and sold out generation rises and presents the glorious gospel of Jesus to the lost world.