How great is our God

I must admit that as I sit here this morning I cannot help but be a tad bit overwhelmed as I think about how awesome our God is! “How great is our God…sing with me…” Think about it for a moment! What would happen if we as believers truly believed how great our God truly is. Think about the spiritual awakening of Biblical proportions that would take place! I want so badly to be a part of a mighty move of God! I am asking God to do a work in the hearts and lives of College Students on Fleming Island Florida. My desire is to see my Jesus high and lifted up! How great is our God! He truly is, He is still able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever hope for or imagine! He is the King of Kings, always has been and always will be. We simply need to exercise our faith and believe! How great is our God…say it out loud to your self! Do you believe it? Don’t miss any opportunity today to share with those around you how awesome and great our God is! Don’t be one of the 90% that never share their faith! I love you all! <><