Give me wings

I am a man who truly loves freedom! I look forward to and love getting away and camping by the beach with my family. The more I camp the more I become convinced that less in life is definitely more. A couple of summers ago my family spent 10 days in the Florida Keys with a 20’ travel trailer and a back pack full of good books. We left behind a three thousand square foot house full of every convenience known to modern man, and set out on an adventure that was a life long dream of mine! I had wanted to take this trip since being a child! Driving down A1A and US 1 brought a certain nostalgia that took me to a simpler time and place. Traveling the old Dixie highway I could not help but think back to how travelers 50 years ago must have felt looking out over the beautiful Atlantic in south Florida. On this stretch of road the pace was a little slower and I very much enjoyed the sights of Old Florida. Making it to our destination, we set up camp and I found my way into one of the camp chairs and sat and looked south across the Atlantic from beautiful Long Key State park. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this was. Taking in this wonderful site I quickly realized how I had become a slave to stuff! All of the things (stuff) I counted on to make me happy kept me locked in a geographic location and precluded me from experiencing real life and beauty. Looking out over the grandeur that my God has created, I realized how blessed that I really am! I also realized that I have way to much stuff. I began to evaluate the things that I own and quickly surmised that I don’t need most of the things that I have. Don’t get me wrong, I like my things, but I now know that my relationship with God is the most important. My relationship with Christ is freeing. He has freed me from sin and from self. He has given me wings to fly beyond self imposed limitations. He has set me free from failed expectations. I have truly learned how to be happy with less stuff. I have learned that I can buy books at Goodwill or on ebay. I am extremely happy with my 12 year old suburban that has 249,000 miles on it, at almost fifty one I have began freeing my self from things the things that have enslaved me before. I don’t need much in life and I now look for opportunities to get by without things the world puts such a great emphasis on. Don’t be afraid to fly beyond the boundaries the world places on you, and do not be afraid to dream…<><