A proper worldview

A proper Worldview

Do you ever think about your worldview? Take a moment, how do you see the world? How did Jesus see the world? Do you know what a proper worldview should look like? How should we as believers determine Worldview? It really is very simple, our worldview should come strait from the pages of the Word Of God. Our perception of what the Bible truly is and our relationship with Christ should shape and influence the way that we think and therefore determine our worldview. For a believer, we should have a Biblical worldview. What we understand and believe has to come from the Word of God!
Unfortunately, in these times so many believers have a skewed view of the Bible. This leads to a distorted of Jesus. Sometimes in our bubble of Christianity we tend make Jesus safe and comfortable, we treat Him like a force or even worse a subject in a conversation that is talked about but has very little affect on the lives that are being lived. Jesus is much more than this. How we see Him will determine the way we look at the world. Many believers like trying to fit Jesus neatly in to a special place in their lives that they have created for Him. They do this not wanting to be considered a fanatic or one of the religious nuts that this current culture has created. Many young people view the church and the people of the church like they view the crazies with Pink hair and overdone stage sets on TBN. Christianity has become a joke. The worldview of many 20 somethings mirrors that of the world! Biblical relevance with the millennial generation is at an all time low. Christian teens are waiting to be told what is right, and what the Bible considers wrong. What an opportunity for Bible teaching believers!
In our walk with Jesus, some need to step out of our comfort zone and realize that following Jesus is going to cost us everything! Sometimes our relationship with Jesus can be unsettling. A relationship with Jesus should challenge us to go beyond. Can I challenge you today? Step out of your comfort zone. Develop a strong Biblical worldview. Look to the word of God for answers! Start sharing Christ and what you believe with your friends. Find out who Jesus really is and what following Him is going to cost you. I love you all!

Bro. J <><