Does the gospel matter?


Does the gospel really matter to you?  I can imagine your thought process now as you are probably saying “Of course it does”!  Questions, we all are asked questions.  We all are capable of answering questions.  I believe that  churches and ministers have created an “expected response” to questions asked of believers.  I am beginning to realize that I have been asking the wrong questions for many years.
By asking the question “Does the gospel really matter to you?” my expected response is that you would say something like “of course I do”!  You might even go on to say that “we are all about the gospel”.  I believe that our belief in Christ is often taught and not experienced.  I believe that many have been taught the gospel without experiencing the life change that comes from selling out to Christ.  Don’t get me wrong here, the gospel is more than a feeling, I realize this!  But there has to be a change.  The gospel is not static, it changes the way we behave, it changes the way we look at others, our life is different.
Problem’s occur, when we fail to take what we have experienced to the next level.  A true life change will create an urgency to share the gospel in our communities, on our campuses and in our country!  The gospel compels us to go and tell!  So now, an appropriate question, why are we not sharing the gospel?
I believe for many it is because of fear.  I am not talking about fear of  sharing.  Never before have believers been given so many tools to be a witness, and evangelism training is common place at many churches.  So I am not saying that I believe Christians are truly scared to share gospel.  I do however believe that fear does play a part in the reason the gospel is not being shared.  I believe for many is they are so afraid that they may offend someone because of what they believe.  I also believe that many people fail to share the gospel because they know by sharing the good news will open their own lives up to criticism’s from the world because of the life they are living.  So many Christians are spinning their spiritual wheels.  Making a lot of noise (knowing the answers) with no forward motion.
Scripture does not promise us tomorrow!  The gospel is and continues to be the “main thing”!  So today lets make the main thing a priority!  Think of one person that you feel needs to hear the gospel today!  And share with them what Christ has done in your own life!  Share your story with people!  Let them see Jesus Christ lifted up in your life!  You may be surprised at the results!  Tell someone about Jesus today!  I love you all!

Bro. J <><