The importance of rest

Today is a special day…

I am resting…I am sitting in my favorite slightly worn out recliner listening to a news channel drone on and on as I drink great vessel of 8 o’clock coffee from my favorite cup, with no particular plans in mind for this beautiful North Florida spring day.

The problem with distraction…

Distraction is the de-railer of forward progress.

So many times in ministry I have experienced forward progress being stymied by meaningless distractions. I personally believe that the devil is the engineer on the “City of distraction” train and he is looking for subtle ways to take the leader and the organization off task by cropping up with little ankle biting distractions.

Just laugh

This is great advice…

Jesus came so that we could have an abundant life. I like to think about the abundant life. I do not know about you, but to me the abundant life sounds fun. The abundant life sounds hilarious. I am certain that an abundant life, full of family friends and fun would make me laugh and I like to laugh so, give me this abundant life. I want a life full of peace, joy and happiness. Give me Jesus.

Presidents day

Happy presidents day.

I hope that each of you enjoys an extra day this weekend to take advantage of doing something out of doors. It is a beautiful spring day here in North East Florida so I want to take advantage of getting out and taking a walk down by the St. Johns River.

Be the Church!

Wow, what a wild and crazy week it has been. History has been made and our country seems to be drifting. The distance between right and left are getting wider every minute and our national identity is being skewed. So many people have become their political affiliation.

A wish is a dream that does not disappoint…

I love to dream! I have always been a dreamer and it seems as if I must be passing my wonder gene onto my grandchildren.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take three of my grandkids to Toys-R-Us to pick up three copies of the 2016 Christmas Catalogue.


Foggy Brain! Is this a new trend…I think not.

It’s real folks (don’t judge me)…can I get a witness from some of my coffee drinking friends?

Mission Opportunties

Greetings from our friendly neighbors up north, and no,  I am not talking about south Georgia. I am talking about Canada. I recently returned from Toronto Canada, the fourth largest city in North America.  It is a beautiful city with a great need for the life-changing gospel.

How can I best serve my family

Recently, I talked about some disciplines that would help us serve ourselves as we get closer in our relationship with God. I want to continue on that thought in this post. As we develop the disciplines of prayer and study, and as we learn how to completely lean on and trust God. We can leverage these learned disciplines to serve our family.