life’s highway

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Daily Walk…points to live by

I am often ask about my daily walk and quiet time. I am finding that people are interested in what I do to stay close and clean in my relationship with Jesus. So I have been thinking about how I could share my life experiences…I have decided since I love processes…I would just list some daily walking points that I try to practice and live by as I travel down life’s highway.

On Mission

on mission

Mission First, People Always…ministry forever

I wanted to take a moment today to help us keep our minds wrapped around what we here at the POINT are all about.



What a Sunday we had yesterday at the POINT!

I am truly thankful at How God continues to bless us here as we continue to create a culture where people who are far from God can join with us and hear the truth from God’s word.

Happy New Year

your invited

Happy New Year

I am aware that we are already nine days into the new year and I have yet put anything on my personal BLOG…yet! There is a good reason for my inactivity. The team that I lead here at the POINT have been collectively working on a daily devotional that is being posted on our church WEB SITE. I am so excited at the response thus far and I want to encourage you to check it out.

Motivated for Ministry

rocket turtle

I love my church…

I truly do love my church. I know that there are those who probably get tired of me saying these words all of the time but I can’t help saying them and I truly am so thankful in that God has called me to minister to the people in Avondale, Ortega, Fairfax and the Murray Hill areas of Jacksonville.

Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday!

Well Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us…2014 is quickly flying by at the speed of life.

I wanted to take a just a moment to introduce you to something new. It is called giving Tuesday and I really hope that this trend catches on.