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Hello Point PEEPS!

Do ever just sit around and think about how blessed we are? I do…I love to think about how God continually blesses our church plant. I know that there are times we do not feel blessed. We must realize that these down times is just the devil trying to get us to take our focus off of Jesus.

What fuels us…


I am sitting here this morning, contemplating the rest of the year and ways that I can make Jesus famous by taking the life changing story of His life out into a community that seems to be very far from the things of God…

Real Relationships…

life grps 2

With 60% of the world population now being under the age of 30 I believe that some changes need to be made in the way that we minister to this growing number of 20 somethings. We know that the Gospel is still relevant so we (the church) have to do a better job at reaching this generation for Christ.

Another weekend…another wedding

I am so excited about this weekend. Tonight and tomorrow, I have the privilege of celebrating an important milestone in the lives of a young couple who mean so very much to me.