Abandoning your post…

uncle sam

We are at war…

I know that this statement probably sounds a little melodramatic and you probably think it is one of the preacher terms designed to make you sit up and take notice…well…If it works…then it is…

Be intentional…


Creativity and growth…What will work for us?

We talk a lot about creativity and vision in the modern church movement…Sometimes I wonder if we might be overthinking this…

The cost of following Jesus is sacrificial


“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple…” Jesus

The cost of following Jesus is sacrificial

This is the third blog in this series that I have posted over the past week on the cost of following Jesus.

Oh oh oh…Our Lord

lifes highway

I love this song.

I have found that it helps me to focus on HIM.

It reminds me of how majestic He truly is.



Oh Victory in Jesus…

This is a great old song that declares VICTORY for those who are in CHRIST!

Guest post by Sheila Stockdale


As I stated yesterday, I challenged my life group to read Romans 8:1-3 and tie it to the Christmas season. Here is the second one that I received. This is from my wonderful wife of almost 34 years.

God bless you all

Guest Post by Stephanie Mann

Recently I challenged the life group that I lead in my home to read Romans 8:1-3 and write down their thoughts on how this passage applies to Christmas. Here is the first response that I received. Thanks Stephanie!

How does God view you?


Do you ever think about this question?

I do, I can’t help but wonder if I am measuring up…

Sometimes I must admit that it seems that the bar has been set…way to high.