1st Impressions Ministry

We have been rethinking our 1st Impressions ministry at the POINT and I wanted to share some thoughts with you. Maybe these can help your team! I want to thank Luke Wittig for helping me process through this and letting me steal some of your thoughts.

Revival of Prayer

Tonight (4/8) we are going to suspend our normal family life group and spend the hour praying and worshiping. Pastor Bernabe will be joining us also with the ALIVE group in the worship center at 6:30.

Wives…pray for your husbands

We pick up this morning continuing our thoughts from yesterday. Couples need to pray together. This is an important yet sometime difficult task. Satan likes to keep us busy, he wants us to busy to pray. I am asking you this morning to make prayer for your spouse a priority.

Seven reasons to invite someone to the POINT this Sunday!

#1. You love your church and your friends.
#2. Its the right thing to do!
#3. Someones life is going to be changed.
#4. You are looking forward to counting how many awkward moments our worship Pastor Weston can create.
#5. You love hearing Oliver Stories.
#6. Free muffins and great coffee.
#7. You want to hear part 2 on the Fruit of the Spirit!

A study in James


I have been writing a daily blog for the church that I lead here in Jacksonville. You can find a verse by verse commentary on our church website thepointjax.com or by simply clicking the links below. Please feel free to read and share. I would also love to hear from you. Tell me what you think. Email me at pastor@thepointjax.com

Major Prayer Request


Good morning,

I am writing to the membership and friends of the POINT this morning with a major prayer request for our church. If possible, I am asking that each of you share this post with all of your praying friends. I am believing that God is going to do something great in this unique challenge that we are facing as a church plant.

life’s highway

walking man

Daily Walk…points to live by

I am often ask about my daily walk and quiet time. I am finding that people are interested in what I do to stay close and clean in my relationship with Jesus. So I have been thinking about how I could share my life experiences…I have decided since I love processes…I would just list some daily walking points that I try to practice and live by as I travel down life’s highway.