Quit quitting…Start dreaming

I meet so many people who are simply marking time through the minutes of their lives and this is truly unfortunate.

Something may have happened somewhere along life’s highway that caused a major derail from the life goals that you once had.

Dream dream dream…

Dream dream dream…I love the old Everly Brothers song about dreaming. I too am a happy dreamer. I love to dream about places and people, I even find my self dreaming about certain events. Dreaming is great way of realizing things that may otherwise be impossible. In my dreams I can fly without a plane, or travel at the speed of sound unassisted. Dreaming allows me to dive the depths of the oceans or to Captain a tall sailing ship and visit many exotic ports of call. Dreams allow me to mysteriously appear in places for no logical reason. I love to dream. Now according to this old song, it seems that all the Everly brothers had to do, was dream. This sounds like a great thing, but this process can be dangerous if you get stuck in a dream world. In life, I have learned that there is a great difference between dreamers and achievers. I am a dreamer…but there comes a time when my dreams have to be realized or not. The Bible teaches that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart. As a dreamer, I have learned that I have to be able to turn my dreams into achievements. This sometimes is not easy…I have to think about the desires of my heart. What do I want, but more importantly, what does God want from me? I love reading about people who have achieved and made great accomplishments. I am currently reading the autobiography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Jobs ability to dream and achieve is simply amazing. He knew how to dream big dreams, and then motivate people to help him accomplish those dreams. People like reading about achievers, not dreamers. At the dawn of a new year, what are your dreams? What will you achieve in 2012? I am making my list now…I am asking God to guide, and I am ready for what ever challenge that He has for me. God bless you all. <><