Quit quitting…Start dreaming

I meet so many people who are simply marking time through the minutes of their lives and this is truly unfortunate.

Something may have happened somewhere along life’s highway that caused a major derail from the life goals that you once had.

What’s next


What’s next? I have been asking this question a lot lately and cannot help but feel confident that our gracious God has brought us this far along in our church plants journey for truly whatever is next.

Ministry Challenge

Greetings world! What an awesome day we experienced yesterday at the Point Community Church. We are finding our place in the community and steadily working out the kinks before we officially launch in September. When we started this endeavor, I did not really think about how wonderful it would be seeing believers from multiple communities and backgrounds coming together and worshiping our creator. Each week we are seeing young families with Children come into our fellowship. These visitors have presented us at the Point with a wonderful problem that I would like to share with you in my blog. We worship in the Murray Hill Theatre. It is a beautiful old facility in the heart of the Murray Hill area in Jacksonville. The theatre was built in 1947 and has managed to hold its charm into a new century. The problem that we are experiencing is the fact that we have very little children’s space. The old theatre is not very child friendly. We are concerned that this could cause these young families visiting our church to not stay with us because the limited space that we have for Children is not the best situation. We want parents to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.