The good, the bad and the Jaguars

I love living in Jacksonville! Greater Jacksonville has much to offer! Our weather does change enough for us to have some seasonal effects without the continuous frigid temps that winter further north can bring. September through December is pleasant for those who enjoy being outside like I do, it is easy to find plenty of activities to involve my family and friends. The cooler temperatures in January and February lead into a beautiful and warm March thru May. North East Florida has much to offer for the adventuring heart. We have more green space than any city of our size in the country. Jacksonville’s beauty and diversity make it a great place to live 12 months a year.

I love my community…

I love my city!

I truly do. Today (as many days) I was reminded of how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful place. I work in the Fairfax area of Jacksonville Florida, and most days I look forward to walking to one of the many local eateries near my office.

Fall Semester at the POINT JAX

I am so stoked about our line up for Fall ’15. We have great opportunities for people all over our city to be involved. I want to encourage you to find a LifeGroup and plug in! Please let me know if you have any questions about our upcoming semester! Invite and PLUG in!

Seven reasons to invite someone to the POINT this Sunday!

#1. You love your church and your friends.
#2. Its the right thing to do!
#3. Someones life is going to be changed.
#4. You are looking forward to counting how many awkward moments our worship Pastor Weston can create.
#5. You love hearing Oliver Stories.
#6. Free muffins and great coffee.
#7. You want to hear part 2 on the Fruit of the Spirit!

The Past

the past

Does your past haunt you?

In my 55 years of life…daily spinning around on this planet we call home…I like to think!

I have learned some valuable lessons while traveling down life’s highway at warp speed. I would like to take this opportunity to share a lesson that I have learned…or that I am learning.

Motivated for Ministry

rocket turtle

I love my church…

I truly do love my church. I know that there are those who probably get tired of me saying these words all of the time but I can’t help saying them and I truly am so thankful in that God has called me to minister to the people in Avondale, Ortega, Fairfax and the Murray Hill areas of Jacksonville.

Staying the Course


I love nautical terminology…I love sailing so I find it amazing that many of the things you learn from sailing often transfer over into the leadership realm.

Who are your FIVE????


I am certain this morning as I write the words to this blog that those who read this, specifically those individuals that are members of the POINT (The Church I lead) will begin to put great thought into the five people they are planning on being intentional with and inviting into a discipleship relationship.