Help Wanted

I am searching for experienced life group leaders and Bible Study teachers to help take our 2.5 year old Church Plant to the next level.

I am looking for several faith filled, missions minded, and highly motivated individuals who want to make much of Jesus in Jacksonville Florida by pouring into the lives of new believers by teaching God’s word.

Revival of Prayer LIST…

We are praying for…

Nicole Callias (Complete Healing)
Jordan Callias (Strength for the journey ahead)
Chloe and Gadsden (that they will handle this process well)

Harry and Kristin Hatcher (That God allows them to enjoy many more days with little Truett)
Truett Hatcher (That God protects him and keeps him safe)

Treat different people…differently


I am always amazed at how we try to reach people who are totally different from us. Churches have had to become laboratories were tried and true methods are constantly being challenged changed and in some cases…totally discarded. The world is so different now and the modern church must quickly identify the differences in people and adjust their plans at creating community and attempting effective outreach.

The Past

the past

Does your past haunt you?

In my 55 years of life…daily spinning around on this planet we call home…I like to think!

I have learned some valuable lessons while traveling down life’s highway at warp speed. I would like to take this opportunity to share a lesson that I have learned…or that I am learning.

Happy New Year

your invited

Happy New Year

I am aware that we are already nine days into the new year and I have yet put anything on my personal BLOG…yet! There is a good reason for my inactivity. The team that I lead here at the POINT have been collectively working on a daily devotional that is being posted on our church WEB SITE. I am so excited at the response thus far and I want to encourage you to check it out.

Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday!

Well Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us…2014 is quickly flying by at the speed of life.

I wanted to take a just a moment to introduce you to something new. It is called giving Tuesday and I really hope that this trend catches on.