Make a difference

What is wrong with the modern church? This is a question that I am asked more and more frequently by people from outside of the church. A lost world is watching and what they are seeing in many cases, is not good. To often what they see turns them away from what we as followers of Christ are called on to do. I do have to admit and agree with many on the outside of the church, that it can be easy to become disillusioned with the modern day church. Our talk many times is not our walk. In so many cases our focus has become skewed and we have turned inward and are not really focused on our original charter. The gospel has to matter to the believer. It has to take precedence in our walk and work. We were created to worship a Holy God. If we are worshiping God instead of complaining about our circumstances, things will change. Where is your focus? Do you desire to see people come to a saving knowledge of Christ? What are you going to do today that will have eternal consequences? Share Jesus without fear, today…do it sooner rather than later. I love you all <><