When did we lose our ability to lose?

Participation in life is not optional. At some level, everyone has to engage. We have to realize and accept that some days are going to be rainy and cold. I am writing this blog today because I want to know and understand when we as a society lost the ability to lose? We must realize, both winning and losing, are a way of life. We can not always win! We do not continually get our way. Let’s get generational for a second. As a baby boomer, I learned early in my life that I was not always going to win. My little league team did not win every game, and I survived. I did not win every fight on the vacant lot near my house, but I would go back the next day. When I joined the military and went to boot camp there was no such place as a “safe place,” and yet I still made it through. Competition has always forced me to try harder. When I do lose, I walk away from the event knowing that I had worked my hardest. I sometimes have to accept I have been bested and move on. My upbringing will not allow me to be a sore loser no matter how hard it might be to admit and take. Participation is a virtue, choosing to get into the game is a good thing. Involvement does not warrant a trophy, winning does! So we should be excited winners and gracious losers.