My thoughts on Baptism

What a great day at Hibernia Baptist Church yesterday. We started our community crusade with Tony Nolan and 52 people gave their hearts and lives to Jesus! I just want to give praise to the Lord. I am looking forward to baptizing my oldest grand daughter Hadley next week at her church. Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to pray with and explain the next step with an entire family. I am talking a father, mother and their teenage daughter and son. What is so cool to me is that they will begin their spiritual journey together. They were so excited, and it is a great privilege for me and our church to help this family start their discipleship process. One of the things that I talked with them about was Baptism. I explained to them the first step of obedience for every believer is Baptism. I want to take a few moments of your time today and talk about what I believe the Bible teaches us about Baptism. There are only two ordinances talked about in the New Testament, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Biblical doctrine recognize these two ordinances, and these two only. Other denominations believe that we need to do more than these. For whatever reason, they believe we should do more than what Jesus Himself expected us to do. Can I just tell you, no where in the Bible can we find these man made requirements. These according to the organizations that practice these, are called sacraments. If we are to have a biblical world view, we must recognize hat there is no Biblical evidence or requirements that these sacraments were practiced or commanded by our Lord and Savior. So in holding to the Bible, we recognize and practice Baptism and the Lord’s supper only. As followers of Christ, our lives are on God’s agenda. Baptism is an part of His agenda! Why do we need to get baptized? Because Jesus was baptized. We do it in obedience to His command; we do it to follow His example. It is a very important part of God’s agenda! His express desire is for us to follow His example. Baptism is symbolic of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. Baptism is something that believers want to do. Many have made the following statements and then ask a question, “I got baptized when I was 8 years old but did not get saved until later in life. Do I need to be baptized again?” The answer to the question is yes. Only true believers truly get baptized so the first time these well intentioned folks asking questions simply got wet. I believe that there are probably many who need to get their baptism on the right side of their salvation. Others have asked questions about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! They want to know when that takes place. I believe that that happens the moment that you truly ask the Lord Jesus to step out of heaven and into your heart. Acts 1:5 says “for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” We must remember that when Jesus was talking in Acts chapter 1 He had not been taken up to heaven. In the first 3 verses of Acts 1 we can see that He was alive and still with the disciples. The Counselor or Holy Spirit would not come for them until Pentecost. But for the person who asks the Lord in to their lives now, at the moment they ask the Holy Spirit is present in their lives. Are you thinking about God’s agenda? Are you trying to figure out where you fit into His plan? Keep praying and searching! I love you all!